Behind the Story

My father-in-law is a truck driver. Every time we visit, he struggles to stay awake because of the exhaustion he developed from long hours of driving. There would be times where I'd be talking to him about a movie, I turn to look at him and he's sitting with his head leaned back sleeping. I've tried to wake him up, urging him to go to his bed so that his back wouldn't be sore, but once he's out, he's out.

Talking to him about trucker life and seeing how difficult it is for him to wake up and ready himself for another long haul gave me the idea of writing this story. The supernatural stuff is course my imagination going wild as always, but the context of a trucker's life is all my father-in-law.

I've always felt that truckers have one of the more physically demanding jobs because of the long hours of sitting, driving, and keeping their minds active. It's hard to see my father-in-law go through that. So this story is inspired by him.